Reps resist participation policy bill

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Reps resist participation policy bill

An activities association policy pertaining to policy will remain in place.


Members of the House of Representatives ended in a stalemate of 34-34 on House Bill 1225, which requires student gender be determined by what is stated on the student’s birth certificate, resulting in the defeat of the bill.


“This is all about fair competition, no more, no less,” Rep. Lee Qualm, the bill’s prime sponsor, said.


A point refuted by Rep. Erin Healy.


“This isn’t about fair competition. It’s a blanketed statement,” Rep. Healy said. “Schools are respecting trans students every single day.”


ASBSD opposed the bill, as it had with Senate Bill 49 on the Association’s legislative resolution B8. Legal and Financial Protection for Compliance with State Law calls for a provision in law that would require the S.D. Attorney General’s office to represent a public school district, should it face a lawsuit while complying with the state law, and indemnify the public school district for any financial liability incurred by the district rising out of the lawsuit, which was not included in either bill.


“We have to put our trust in (SDHSAA),” Rep. Nancy York said, noting a concern for legal action. “We have to go with the activities association”


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