Open Enrollment bill for Parents defeated

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Open Enrollment bill for Parents defeated

Senate Local Government committee members voted down a bill that would have allowed parents of open enrolled students to vote on issues or run for the school board in the district their child is open enrolled in despite not being a resident of the district.


On a 6-1 vote, committee members killed Senate Bill 73. ASBSD opposed the bill.


Opponents of the bill said it had the potential to create problems with voter registration and allowed individuals who lived outside the district make decisions – whether voting or as a board member – impacting residents of the district.


Bill sponsor Sen. Tim Begalka said the bill allowed parents to connect with the district their children are enrolled in through voting or school board representation.


“I really appreciate Sen. Begalka bringing this forward and giving voice to constituents that care about their kids, they want to be involved in the decision making and participating in the process,” Committee member Sen. Deb Soholt said.


“The concern I have though…this is really representation without the local effort taxation.”


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