One-time funding for schools approved

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One-time funding for schools approved

Schools are set to receive one-time funding from the 2021 legislative session.


Senate Bill 64, which Revises the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2021, passed the Joint Appropriations committee 18-0, the Senate floor 34-0 and the House floor 58-11.


ASBSD supported the bill, which will provide $11 million in one-time funding to school districts.


Click here to review the proposed distribution of the $11 million in one-time money to school districts.


The plan for distribution includes $4 million of the one-time total would be distributed to all public schools districts on a $30 per-student basis while the remaining amount will be used to fill in enrollment decreases some school districts saw this year with one-time allocation determined by utilizing a three-year enrollment review.


“There’s a lot of good in this bill,” Sen. John Wiik told fellow appropriators during the bill’s hearing.


Additional one-time funding proposals affecting schools and educators also included within the bill:

The proposals listed above were previously separate legislation, but those bills were defeated in order for them to be included within SB 64.


Rep. Chris Karr noted “significant one-time investments” being included within the bill.


Finally, SB 64 includes the authority for the South Dakota Department of Education to distribute $170 million in federal ESER funds to school districts. Sec. Tiffany Sanderson told Appropriators there’s a “broad use of funds” allowed for school districts seeking them, but noted most of the funds will be “distributed according to the Title formula.”


The bill now awaits signature from Gov. Kristi Noem.


For updates funding and budget discussions and everything from the 2021 legislative session, check the ASBSD Blog and Bill Tracker page.

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