Revenue collection far exceeding projections

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Revenue collection far exceeding projections

Revenue collections continue to soar in South Dakota.


One-third of the way through Fiscal Year 2022 revenue collections continue to climb as the October collection was $12.2 million higher than the projections adopted by the legislature, bringing the state’s total collection in FY22 to $720 million, which is $73 million more than adopted projections.


The $12.2 million revenue collected above projections is the lowest of the four months as the previous three have surpassed $15 million or more. The more than $70 million surplus in revenue collection follows the nearly $86 million in surplus collected in Fiscal Year 2021, which was placed in state reserve.



With quite a bit more money available in the state coffers, public schools need to advocate for more on-going funding in state aid as costs increase and South Dakota teacher pay has again fallen behind regionally and nationally.


“Our schools need funding above inflation to keep up in teacher pay,” ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany said. “There’s more available and we need to make sure our legislators know our need.”


At ASBSD’s Delegate Assembly recently, appointed Delegates concurred with Pogany and set resolution C6: Maintaining the State Aid Inflation Factor as the top priority for legislative session.


Click here to read a report from Delegate Assembly.


The 2022 legislative session begins on January 11 and ASBSD is asking board members and administrators sit down with their legislators prior to its start and share their funding needs, as well as discuss other issues of importance to public education.


“Board members and administrators must meet with their legislators, ask important questions and have detailed discussions about where they stand on the issues and challenges public education faces,” Pogany said.


For updates on legislative session and information on public education, check the ASBSD Blog.

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