Missed the SafeSchools webinar? Watch it here!

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Missed the SafeSchools webinar? Watch it here!

Representatives from nearly 30 different school districts registered for the informative webinar session to learn how their district can access hundreds of school focused courses offered by SafeSchools.


Even if you weren’t able to join, you can learn more about SafeSchools and their course offerings by watching the brief webinar recording here.


SafeSchools Training, which partnered with ASBSD last fall to bring all member districts access to a market-leading training system, is a web-based training and compliance system designed to help streamline the training process for all district employees.




“We’re really excited to be partnered with (ASBSD) and to work with you,” SafeSchools Implementation Specialist Claire Hern said.


“When you contact us to get started you’ll have immediate access to get started.”


Members of the Associated School Boards Protective Trust’s Workers’ Compensation and Property/Liability Funds have access to the training system at no cost and all other ASBSD members receive the program at a 50 percent savings.


View the Webinar recording here.


Hern noted SafeSchools would “build a custom site for your district” in order for schools to easily setup assignments and training – in one of the more than 300 available courses – with a date and time set for your district’s employee to complete the course.




“May is a great time of year to look at this type of system,” Hern said. “A lot of our (districts) get started on that (training) process over the summer.”




Districts looking to get started with SafeSchools Training this summer can contact ASBSD CFO/ASBPT Director Matt Flett at mflett@asbsd.org or 605-773-2515.

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