Two different actions on ed. bills on Chamber floors

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Two different actions on ed. bills on Chamber floors

The Capitol’s Chamber floors saw two different actions on education related bills on Tuesday (1/30).


Representatives passed House Bill 1045, which transfers $7.2 million to the general fund to support state aid to education in Fiscal Year 2018, on a 66-1 vote.


The bill is not in its final form and will be adjusted as the Fiscal Year 2018 budget bill is adjusted. Rep. David Anderson noted the bill keeps the state’s reserve fund from being in “excess” of the 10 percent threshold that’s been generally adhered to.


“The number will be adjusted,” Rep. Anderson said. “We (have to) keep it alive.”


ASBSD supports the bill, which now heads to the Senate for review.


Senators did not send their education related bill across the hall, however.


On 15-19 vote, Senate Bill 78, which would have added the chairs of the Senate and House committees of education to State Board of Education as ex-officio members, was defeated.


Sen. Jim Bolin, current Chair of the Senate Education committee, touted the bill as a way “to improve communication” between the legislature and the State Board of Education and added the state Department of Education supported the bill in committee.


Sen. Blake Curd countered the appointment of the legislature’s education committee chairs to the state board “could start to blur the lines” between the “clear demarcation” of the two bodies’ duties.


For updates on legislative session, check the ASBSD Blog, Bill Tracker page and Twitter feed.

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