Proposed updates to 2023 ASBSD Legislative Platform

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Proposed updates to 2023 ASBSD Legislative Platform

ASBSD’s proposed legislative platform for the 2023 legislative session includes the resolutions and standing positions influence the legislative direction of ASBSD and are voted on by member districts at Delegate Assembly.


The 2022 Delegate Assembly is set for Friday, November 18 in Pierre at the Ramkota Conference Center, at 1 p.m. (Central).


Below you will find a brief summary of each change made to a resolution or standing position and draft form PDF’s can be found on the Publications and Forms page.


Resolutions (click to view PDF):


A3. South Dakota Academic Content Standards, Graduation Requirements & State Assessment Exams – proposed amendment

Reorganization of the language in the resolution to provide more clarity on its purpose.


A4. School Employee Compensation – proposed deletion

Resolution is covered by C6: Maintaining the State Aid Inflation Factor and does not apply to the Achievement & Equity section of the resolutions.


A5. Additional State Testing Requirements – proposed amendment

Deletes “Additional” in the title as the focus of the resolution is on state testing requirements and rearranges language in the rationale for clarification.


A6. Content Standards & Curriculum Adoption – proposed amendment

Deletes “Content Standards” from the resolution title and removes reference to content standards in the resolution and rationale so the focus of the resolution is on curriculum adoption.


A7. Content Standards – proposed adoption

The new resolution seeks a change in statute related to content standards so the review and revision of them is at the request of the State Board of Education.


B1. Students Receiving Home School Instruction Following Local School District Policies & Rules – proposed amendment

Deletes reference to Senate Bill 177 in the rationale as that bill become law in 2021.


B4. Public Funding for Non-Public Education – proposed amendment

Includes “savings account or voucher program” in the resolution as those are terms used in other states that could be used in potential legislation in South Dakota.


B7. Decision-Making Authority Regarding Transgender Legislation – proposed amendment

Adds “former” to the resolution as the SDHSAA policy is no longer applicable with the passage of Senate Bill 46 in 2022 and removes reference to the 2016 veto message in the rationale.


B8. Legal and Financial Protection for Compliance with State Law – proposed amendment

Adds a statute reference to the rationale for a new protection in state law.


B9. Behavioral and Mental Health Resources – proposed amendment

Adds “funding” to the resolution.


B10. Safe Schools Resources – proposed amendment

Adds “funding” to the resolution.


B11. School Board Training Policy – proposed deletion

Resolution has been incorporated in the Student Achievement Standing Position.


B12. School Board and School Bond Elections – proposed amendment

Amendment in resolution and rationale supports possible legislation setting school board election dates on the second Tuesday in April and June, but does not set parameters on bond election dates.


B13. Governance When Dealing with COVID – proposed amendment

Amendments to the resolution and rationale bring a more present tense to board’s making decisions related to dealing with COVID in schools.


B15. State Operated Website for Notices or Meeting Information – proposed amendment

The amendment to the resolution removes posting requirement reference as that’s included in the phrase “any required” and the statement on encouraging boards to continue publishing locally as that is up to their discretion.


B16. School Board Policy Referral – proposed adoption

New resolution is in response to a bill introduced this year, which was defeated, allowing the referral of school board policy and opposes any further legislation addressing that topic.


B17. Support for the South Dakota School Safety Program – proposed adoption

Addresses our support of the state’s school safety program.


C6. Increasing State Aid – proposed amendment

Changes made to the resolution and rationale focus on public schools receiving an annual increase in state aid that is not capped in any manner, but rather as much state dollars as available.


C10. Implementation of Teacher Salary Accountability Targets – proposed amendment

Removes “new target” references from the resolution and rationale as legislation passed this year put the targets in place.


C11. Funding for School Resource Officers – proposed adoption

Funding for school resource officers is proposed in new resolution.


C12. Funding for School Resource Officers – proposed adoption

Funding for Career & Technical Education programs in districts and for collaborative efforts is proposed.


D2. School Funding – Partridge Amendment – proposed amendment

Proposed amendment opposes any repeal of the Partridge Amendment and states our reasoning for the position in the rationale.


D3. Tax Reduction or Repeal – proposed adoption

Newest proposal opposes any tax reduction or repeal without a new source to make up for the lost revenue.


Standing Positions (click to view PDF):


Public School Choice – proposed amendment

Change notes state education laws provide choices to parents and students and that public education offers communities the best education option for ALL children.


Student Achievement – proposed amendment

Inserts a line supporting continuing education for school board members.

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