Wind energy tax revenue transfer bill on to Gov

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Wind energy tax revenue transfer bill on to Gov

School districts seeking to use tax revenue from the wind energy tax only await the Governor’s signature to do so.


House Bill 1066, which authorizes the transfer of wind energy tax revenue from a school district general fund, passed the Senate Education committee on a 6-1 vote and the full Senate on a 35-0 vote.


The bill permits a school district to transfer revenue from the wind energy tax to its capital outlay fund on annual basis so long as the district exceeds the average teacher compensation rate.


The transfer must be done within the 10-year time period allowed by law for a district to count its wind energy tax revenue as local effort and must be separately identified so it may not be transferred back to the general fund.


Deuel Superintendent Chad Schiernbeck said the bill “does not impede on any accountability measures” rather “gives our school board local control” related to the revenue.


ASBSD is monitoring the bill, which heads to Gov. Kristi Noem for review and potential signature into law.


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